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Best 10 Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

The sight of a creamy, scrumptious and delicious cake! Yummy yum!!  And when it is the Wedding cakes there is nothing more tempting. Any wedding plan first begins with the wedding cake.

Choosing a wedding cake by itself is a daunting task, its flavor, the looks, its color, texture, the structure, the couple spends precious time in choosing their perfect wedding cake to make their wedding a special one.

Wedding cakes are basically the original white rich fruit cake which can be made with the flavors of vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, fruit or carrot. They are mostly arranged in tier form from the simplest 2 tier to 5 depending on the order placed. The icing and flower decorations gives the cake the scrumptious look.

Nowadays we find wedding cakes loaded with confectionaries like marzipans, colored icing, fondants, cream lacing, icing flowers, beads. It takes great patience and skill in designing and making a wedding cake and need sheer artistic ideas to make them. Let’s just see some of the delicious cakes especially for all those who are going to walk down the aisle. All’s Well that begins well. So let the Celebration begin with some of best wedding cake ever.

1.Royal Highness Tower Cake

We could start with the Cake of the decade the wedding cake of the royal family. What could have been more gorgeous than this royal cake of Prince William and Kate? The cake was ordered from the most sought after pastry chef Fiona’s. This elegant white eight-tiered fruit cake was a spectacular centerpiece which stood elegant and tall in the Buckimham Palace decorated in cream, white icing and 900 delicate sugar-paste flowers, and the touch of gold gave it that Royal look…

2.   Golden Delight Tower Cake

This 5 Tier towering white fruit cake again gives that royal touch because of the gold laced ribbon. There is that elegance as well as simplicity in this cake. The golden laced ribbons can be matched with the theme color as well. Without the flowers, toppers and other decorations also this Cake is awesome and classy.

3.  Flower  Garden Cake


Have this romantic garden theme for all you wonderful couples who want to start off the life with flowers. Flowers say it all. A perfect cake for springtime wedding celebrations. This fruit cake with its crystal pillars, crystal stairs, heart toppers, different types of flowers and colors on the ivory tiers make it spectacular. A suggestion here is to match the color of the flowers with the theme color of the bridesmaid.

4.   Round Butterscotch Cake


The simplicity of this 4 tier cake with its contrast theme color ribbons which are beautifully edged on each tier and a bunch of icing flowers on top can also work wonders on a cake. The creamy butter scotch flavor can replace the fondant for a change. The tiny silver balls give it a jeweled look. No frills and flowers can be a good choice sometimes. Don’t you agree?

5.  White With Red Ribbons  Round Cake


Bring out the bold attitude and add the spark of red to your white cake and give it that confident smashing look. This 2 tier red cake is just apt. Red the color that means Love. The basic cake being the red velvet sponge with the white icing and red lace with some red flowers can light up the evening. Fine jeweled cream edging also defines the cake well. You can have this in 3 tier as well.

6.  Pink & White Laced Gift box Cake


Who says wedding cakes need to be round, be different be unique. Yes be a trend setter and just have a stacked up square wedding cake. This artistically done cake with its pink strawberry icing teamed up with the white lacey effect and a beautiful bushy bow on top will be a change from the always white cakes. The shape itself represents the gifts which will be received by the couple so why not eat the gift as well.

7.  Cream Square Wedding Cake


Can  there be anything finer than this 4 tier  neatly piled up square cake.The frosties, flowers and the fine chocolate brown ribbon with the bow on the corner looks so delicate and wonderful. These ribbons and can be decorated with the colors of love red or pink depending on the choice. Those who intend to have minimal decorations and maintian the essence of whites can have this type of cake.

8.   Square Black & White Damask Cake


This black and white damask is a real beauty. You can have it in 3 tier or 4 tier, with different angle pile up as well. Its got that stylish, chic and elegant look and the last tier with polka dots and the flower topping is just perfect.The dynamic black and white combintion will suti all those who love to have something different.

9.Chocolate Brown  & White  Heart Wedding Cake


Love is in the air when 2 hearts meet, so what can  be more appropriate than leaving the square and round patterns for others and you having and beautiful Heart shaped Wedding cake. This cake becaomes quite trendy among the young at heart .The chocolate, white cream and the heart shape are truly for the die hard romnatic lovey dovey couples

10.  Little Hearts White Heart Cake


10 on 10 for this classy heart shaped beauty  with little heart on them giving a feeling of love and throwing love across to all present for the wedding. The unique  heart shaped candy topper really gives it the latest and new generation choice of toppers as compared to the traditional couple toppers.

Cakes are for every ocassion, be it wedding, birthday, anniversary, achievemtns, christenings, holy communions. But the Wedding Cake ranks the top in all these celebrations as this is the union of 2 persons  and symbolises the union of love and their declaration to their families and friends by sharing a piece with them as well. This traditon will continue  for centuries, definetely styles , textures , flavors and patterns would change but a wedding cake will always be there.Lets end with a small prayer that May every Wedding Cake  cut by the couple maintain the sweetness and freshness in their lives as in the cake for their entire life of togetherness and Love

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